Chef-made food, exactly when you want it

A San Francisco bakery specializing in freshly baked pastries. Our journey began with great-Grandfather Moshe who traveled from Iraq to Israel carrying with him a wealth of delicious recipes.
We wish to offer our customers a glimpse into our rich culture and heritage so that you too may experience the smells and tastes that we have grown up with.

Our selection of recipes include traditional and homemade dishes cooked the way Grandfather Moshe would have cooked it. The flavors and smells of our culture are our mother tongue. Even though we have adopted different languages these recipes still define comfort, excitement and joy for us.

Everyone Deserves Good Food

From the every day office lunch deliveries, to important meetings, conferences, and presentations, to weddings, to birthday parties, and any other full-service celebration, you can trust Frena Catering to make every moment delicious.

Contact us now to plan your next  moment – or simply order online and have our  meals delivered right to you.

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  •   Good food. Epically crappy location. Mediocre hours of operation. But good food wins in the end.

    thumb Jed S.

      Best bakery in town!!!
    I can't find one place in the era that I can compare!!
    They are highly recommend and I will go there every day if I could.
    Every... read more

    thumb Bakol Z.

      It's so nice to see a place that still working play the frena bakery is working. they always have a smile on their face they always give you to try... read more

    thumb Jack B.
  •   What an amazing Kosher bakery in SF with delicious pastries and breakfast food. Everything from the pita bread to the sambusaks are always fresh and yummy. Would highly recommend stopping... read more

    thumb Matan S.

      I'm very thankful that the Bay Area is the home to Frena Bakery. The food is not only authentic, it provides nourishment for the body AND the soul! I'm especially... read more

    thumb Yael S.

      I stopped in for the first time yesterday and left with an amazing sambusak! Hot and flavorful! Perfect lunchtime feast! I will definitely return for more.

    thumb Fred S.
  •   I did not like this place.

    We were originally coming for bagels and got to the bakery around 930am and there were none. The pastries they had in the window didn't... read more

    thumb Paulette D.

      I have placed a very large order of food and donuts from Frena two days prior to the first day of Hanukkah. The day of I even called and made... read more

    thumb Reut L.

      Beware their food is addicting it's literally like crack. There donuts and chocolate rugaluch you won't ever find something so good in your life I just ate two donuts and... read more

    thumb Gitti G.