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A San Francisco bakery specializing in freshly baked pastries. Our journey began with great-Grandfather Moshe who traveled from Iraq to Israel carrying with him a wealth of delicious recipes.
We wish to offer our customers a glimpse into our rich culture and heritage so that you too may experience the smells and tastes that we have grown up with.

Our selection of recipes include traditional and homemade dishes cooked the way Grandfather Moshe would have cooked it. The flavors and smells of our culture are our mother tongue. Even though we have adopted different languages these recipes still define comfort, excitement and joy for us.

Sufganiyot !

Jelly Sufgania / Bavarian Cream Sufgania / Now also comes in packs of 6 or 12 and Mix

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      You can tell when bread and baked goods are made with love.

    Frena douses their array of heavenly smelling dough products with care and love.

    Frena is a kosher bakery... read more

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